Statsational is both the man and the system. Designed by John “Stats” Alesia, a Wall St. professional, Statsational handicaps professional sports using a trend-based model. The system looks at trends over 10-20 years in all the major sports to determine the highest probability outcomes.

John saw the many correlations between trading on Wall St. and sports betting and began to try and use his knowledge of both to formulate a model that could beat the sportsbooks.

The first year the system was put into action was 2011 during the NFL season. The Statsational NFL plays were posted on both Covers and SBR all year long. In 207 games posted, the system went 122-78-7 for a 61% success rate. In 2012 the Statsational system followed up with a 120-88-9 season in the NFL, including 8-1-1 in the postseason. The model continued its success year in and year out to this very day. With over 1300 games played, the system is picking at over 56% correct ATS.

In 2016 Stats began to look for opportunities in the daily fantasy sports markets. After 18 months of hard work and losses, Stats was able to turn it around. He is now one of the top high stakes and GPP players on both Draftkings and Fanduel.

In 2018 Stats retired from Wall St. and moved to the Tampa FL area. He spends his days researching, testing models, and looking for any edge he can get. Having the ability to work at this full time without the stress of a 9-5 job has only improved the system.

Now a full-time coach with SportsBet Army, you can see John in our slack chats offering up the models selections in a variety of sports daily. He also is featured on the Geeks Vegas Lines podcast, the NFL Wolfpack podcast, and he has his own podcast dedicated to sports betting called Beat the Bookie.


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